Coffee ‘Jockey’ is made at the factory near Kyiv, using equipment of leading Italian manufacturers – ‘BrambatiS.p.A.’, ‘ICA S.p.A.’.

The modern high-technology equipment allows to carry out the complete preparation cycle starting from coffee beans roasting until packaging, preserving of all characteristics of coffee. Moreover, this technology allows minimization of the contact with oxygen and thus contributes to maintaining the quality, the full flavor and freshly prepared coffee aroma. Preparation of natural coffee is quite specific and delicate matter to realize a fullest potential of coffee bean and to create magnificent aroma. The technology includes multi-step purging of green coffee beans, roasting and blending (mixing different kinds of coffee), grain milling for ground products and packaging.

For different kinds of TM ‘Jockey’ coffee production

are used green coffee beans delivered from all coffee-growing regions in the world: Central and South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Coffee production is fully automated in a closed manufacturing process.

Green coffee beans are roasted and blended by means of mixing different sorts of coffee. Each grade has its unique characteristic features, mixture of several grades in one blend makes a balanced coffee composition.

The most important stage of coffee production is roasting. The green coffee beans have specific taste and aroma, but the taste of finished product appears only in the process of roasting. All coffee flavor characteristic are created in the process of roasting.

Coffee beans are roasted day and night. After roasting, automated machines pack the freshly roasted coffee into vacuum packs to keep the original aroma.

Grinding is one more technical operation which is required in production of ground coffee. The grind degree varies depending on the sort of coffee so the operator at the factory sets all the necessary parameters.

Ground coffee is packed into vacuum packs. This packing technology ensures preservation of taste and aroma of coffee as it eliminates contact with oxygen.


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