Roasting Degree

There are various roasting degrees and any of them can add unique flavor to the taste of a single coffee blend. Not only the color of the bean, but also the chemical composition changes due to heat treatment. Roasting conditions depend on the type of coffee and desired degree of darkness.

There are following roasting degrees for coffee:

  • Light Roast. Beans become light brown. This roasting is suitable for soft beans, it allows revealing their delicate taste and flavor in full. The coffee of such roast tastes good with milk.
  • Medium Roast. Standard roasting that gives stronger, a little sweet rich taste. The beans become brown, dry, non-oily. One can drink coffee of such roast at any time of day, with or without milk.
  • Dark Roast. The beans become dark-brown and oily on surface. The taste is vivid, with a little burnt odor. The coffee of this roast is served black or with cream, at lunch or in the afternoon.
  • Maximum Roast. Dark-brown oily beans producing vivid and slightly bitter taste.
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